PHOTOBASH is an online resource providing affordable Royalty Free Photo Packs for artists and creatives.

We aim to offer you the highest quality image sets for the lowest prices.
Our packs can be used for both personal and commercial projects and come with several licensing options.


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About Our Service

What is PHOTOBASH.org?
We are an online resource providing affordable royalty free 'Photo Packs'.

We aim to offer you the highest quality image sets for the lowest prices, covering a wide range of subjects such as landscapes, architecture, props and visual effects.

What are photo packs used for?
Our primary goal is to provide useful and quality images to concept artists, matte painters, 3D modellers and illustrators working in the film and game industry.

Images can be used freely in commercial and personal work. They may be utilized for matte painting, photo-bashing, texturing or just as references or inspiration for any type of digital or traditional work.

What does 'Powered By Gumroad' mean?
Gumroad is an online selling platform designed for freelance and individual content creators.

PHOTOBASH uses Gumroad as a third party service to handle its secure payments and product downloads, while allowing both our customers and photographers to stay connected through this popular platform.

We recommend creating a Gumroad account when you intend to purchase a large amount of products from PHOTOBASH. Though not required, using it will prove very convenient in managing all your product downloads.

Usage Conditions & Licenses

When purchasing I'm asked to select a 'License Type'. Which one should I choose?
This depends on your current professional situation and how you intend to use the photos.
For more information on the licenses we offer and which type best applies to you, please refer to our Pricing page.

After I've purchased photos, do I get the copyright to those images?
No. The actual copyright to PHOTOBASH images always remains with us.
You are however allowed to incorporate the images as a part of any commercial project you create or own the copyright to.

Do you offer model releases for photos that contain recognizable people?
At this time we do not offer any model releases for packs containing recognizable people. We suggest that you don't use such photos in a way that may require such licenses.

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Do I need to credit PHOTOBASH or pay any royalties?
No. Our images are always 100% royalty free.

Credit is not required, but as we are always interested in how our products are being used by all types of artists, we do greatly appreciate it if you choose to do so!

Can I use your photos for printed media or physical products?
As a general rule, there are few limitations as long as the photo used is not the main or only selling point of the final product. For example, you are not allowed to simply sell our images on post cards, calendars, t-shirt, mugs, etc... without significant modification.

If the photos are incorporated into the final product in a more creative way, there are usually no restrictions. For example, when you use photos as part of poster art, graphic design, collage, CD covers, etc...

Payment & Pricing

Do you offer any bundles containing multiple packs?
No. At this time we do not offer any bundles. However, you can use our website's keyword or filter function to display photo packs that share a similar theme or visual relevance.

I want to buy many products at once, do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
At this time we do not offer any special discounts for bulk purchases. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Do you offer any subscription based plans?
We are sorry but we do not offer any subscriptions or pre-paid plans for our products.

I want to use Paypal, but the option is no longer there.
Paypal may become unavailable at times when servers are busy. In case this happens, try purchasing single products via their respective Product Page. You can view a pack's Product Page by clicking on the pack's image or icon at the bottom right.

If you are somehow still unable to use Paypal, please try again at a later time.

Is it possible to get an invoice of my purchase?
Yes, you can generate an invoice using the confirmation email received after purchasing a product.

Downloads & Unpacking

Why do your products come in RAR archives?
Our photo packs can get quite large.
We package our photos into 700MB compressed archives to save space and help speed up your downloading process.

Splitting the archives in parts also helps in case you experience connection issues during your download. This way you won't have to start the entire download again.

I completed my purchase, how do I get access to the downloads?
Once your payment has been processed, you can click the 'View Product' button to visit the product's download page. You will also receive a confirmation and download link to the email address used when processing your payment.

If you somehow did not receive a confirmation email, or have lost it, please Contact Us.

How do I redownload a pack I previously purchased if I lost the download link?
If you are using the same device you purchased our products on, simply visit our website and click the 'Add To Cart' or 'Download' button on the product you would like to redownload. A message will be displayed with a 'View Product' button. This button will direct you to the download page.

For users that logged in to their Gumroad account when buying a product, the download page can also be accessed through their Gumroad Library.

When extracting the RAR archives, I am being told the files are corrupted!
We do our best to make sure no corrupted files are uploaded.
Most of the time these problems occur when using the wrong software to unpack the archives.

‣ Windows: Winrar
‣ Mac: RAR Expander

If you are still experiencing problems after trying the recommended software, please contact us for support.

I have duplicate/missing files after extracting, is this normal?
Our photos are numbered and should only contain unique files. This problem may be caused by incorrectly unpacking the downloaded archives. All RAR archives should extract into a single folder containing the images.

Please make sure you have downloaded all RAR parts and placed them in the same folder. Only extract the first part and the software should automatically use all parts to extract your files.


Can we suggest themes/packs?
Of course! We are working hard to build our library by adding packs that we think you might find useful or are hard to find elsewhere online. We would love to hear what you think is missing and see if we can help you!

I've shot some photos that would fit your website, do you take submissions?
It depends. Most of time, we prefer that photos are shot specifically for our website because of the type of packs we want to offer. We also have some requirements regarding the photographed content and image quality.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in working with PHOTOBASH as a paid contributor.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please Contact Us.