Features Overview

This page is designed to help you with payment, downloading and unpacking our products.


Step 2. 

Every product on our page has three buttons underneath the cover image.



Press this button to start the downloading process of a product.



This buttons shows you a full preview of all the images you will find inside the photo pack.



This button gives you more information about the product,


Press the Download to start the downloading process of a product.

such as photo count, resolution, camera model and more.


Step 2. 

Once you've picked your product and pressed the Download button,

a window will popup displaying the product. This is pulling the product from one of our photographer's Gumroad profile.


'I want this!'

ress this button to add the product to your cart.


You can click on 'PHOTOBASH.org - Reference Photos For Artists' to visit the page of this products author.

This will redirect you to their Gumroad profile. Please note that since we work with multiple photographers, not all our products will be displayed here.

If you want our full collection, it is recommended that you stay on our webpage.


Step 3. 

Your cart to open up on the top right corner of our website. 

It is possible to add multiple photo packs to your cart and pay them at once. However, we only recommend doing this when you have a Gumroad Profile.


To sign up with Gumroad for an account Click Here


Without a profile, you can check out as a guest. As a guest, it might be harder to keep track of the different products you purchased at once. In this case it is better to purchase one at a time.


Once you are ready to process the payment press the Pay button.

Step 4. 

Fill in your email address to receive your receipt and download link after your purchase is complete.

It is important that you enter a correct email address, if for any reason you entered the wrong address and can't access your purchase anymore, please contact us.


The Offer code box can be used when you have a discount code. If not, just leave this space blank.


The next box requires you to give your payment information. If you are downloading a free pack you can ignore this part.

Please fill in your Credit Card details to make a purchase.

You can also purchase our product's via Paypal. This option may become unavailable from time to time. If this is the case and you do not have a Credit Card, please try again later.


Once all your information has been entered, press the Pay button.