+ What Is PHOTOBASH.org?

PHOTOBASH is an online resource providing affordable Royalty Free Photo Packs. We aim to offer you the highest quality image sets for the lowest prices.

We also offer Free Packs!

+ What Are Photo Packs Used For?

Anything you like! Our primary goal is to provide images to Concept Artists, Matte Painters, 3D Modellers and Illustrators.

Images can be used freely in commercial and personal work. You may utilize them for matte painting, photo-bashing, texturing or just as references for digital or traditional work.

+ Why PHOTOBASH And Not Google Images?

We've all done it. You're looking for a particular image and quickly search for it on Google Images. Snatch the photo, drop it into Photoshop and call it a day... cheeky you!

PHOTOBASH images are not only 100% royalty free, we also offer the highest possible quality and image resolution.

Additionally our sets are theme based, consistent and extensive. We hope to deliver image sets that are otherwise hard to find saving you time searching for photos online or having to go out to shoot them yourself.

+ What Quality Can We Expect?

Delivering the highest possible quality and constantly improving our gear and technique is priority with us.

Our sets are shot with some of the best equipment available using cameras such as the Canon 5D MkIII and Sony A7r II.

We provide images up to 8k Native Resolution and stitched panoramas of up to 20k!

All our photos are taken in uncompressed RAW format, processed and converted to high quality JPEGS for your convenience.

+ Can We Suggest Themes/Packs?

Of course! We are slowly building our library adding packs that we think you might find useful or are hard to find elsewhere online.

However, we would love to hear what you think is missing and see if we can help you! Please contact us with your suggestions.

+ Our Photo Pack Pricing

We try to offer our images at extremely low prices. We are confident that PHOTOBASH offers the best value for money image packs on the web.

Our first 100 photos are always free for everyone!

Larger packs increase 1$ per 50, 75 or 100 photos depending on the pack size. The bigger the pack, the cheaper the price per photo!

For Indie or Studio developers we charge a little bit more. However, these licenses allow multiple people to freely use a single purchase!

+ License Types

We currently offer three License types for our photo packs:

  • Freelance (self-employed or hobbyist)
  • Indie (small independent studio)
  • Studio (large studio or company)

For more information please refer to our License Agreement.

+ Payment And Downloading

We use the Gumroad platform to manage secure payments and downloads.

You can use Paypal or your Credit Card to purchase our packs. Once purchased you can always redownload your pack at any time.

+ Unpacking Downloaded Photo Packs

Packs come in compressed RAR archives, this saves webspace, downloading bandwidth and should speed up your downloads of our products.

Please use the below software depending on your OS:

Windows: Winrar

Mac: RAR Expander

For more information on how to Dowload or Unpack our products, please refer to our Download Instructions PDF.

+ Terms of Use

Nobody likes legal mumbo jumbo, so let us explain the rules briefly in human language.

Use of PHOTOBASH images is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Personal, commercial and educational usage.
  • Used in 2D or 3D images, graphics and/or printed media.
  • Incorporation in computer games, movies, 3D models/texturing.
  • As reference to support any digital or traditional creation.

It is NOT permitted to:

  • Sell or distribute any of these photos in modified or unmodified form as stock photos, textures or as reference images.
  • Share purchased photos with unauthorized third parties.
  • Use our photos under the incorrect license.

For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


Trouble with your download, payment or unpacking archives?